From Hawkins to Fluency: Advanced English Learning with 'Stranger Things’

Stranger things

W dzisiejszym artykule o nauce języka angielskiego z seriali przybliżymy słownictwo i tematykę pojawiającą się w jednym z najpopularniejszych seriali na świecie „Stranger Things”. Jest to zjawiskowy serial stworzony przez braci Dufferów, który zadebiutował w 2016 roku i zdobył ogromną popularność na całym świecie. Akcja osadzona w latach 80. XX wieku łączy w sobie elementy science fiction, nadnaturalne zjawiska oraz młodzieńcze przygody. Jednak to nie tylko wciągająca fabuła przyczyniła się do sukcesu tego serialu, ale także wyjątkowy sposób, w jaki oddaje on charakterystyczny język i kulturę tamtej epoki. Artykuł ten skupi się na sposobach, w jakie „Stranger Things” może pełnić rolę fascynującego narzędzia do nauki języka angielskiego. Przeanalizujemy, jak różnorodność postaci i ich dialogi odzwierciedlają różne style mówienia oraz slang tamtego okresu. Ponadto, zbadamy, w jaki sposób serial nawiązuje do kultury popularnej lat 80., wprowadzając widzów w kontekst historyczny i społeczny tamtego czasu. Poprzez zgłębienie się w świat „Stranger Things” nie tylko rozszerzymy naszą wiedzę na temat popkultury, ale także doskonaląc umiejętność języka angielskiego. Dowiemy się, jak wyrażenia, zwroty i akcenty charakteryzują różne postaci i odzwierciedlają ich osobowość oraz środowisko. W ten sposób „Stranger Things” staje się nie tylko źródłem rozrywki, ale także edukacyjnym przyjacielem w podróży ku opanowaniu języka angielskiego.


Zacznijmy od kultury lat 80 w Stanach Zjednoczonych. Przeczytaj poniższy artykuł a następnie wykonaj exercise 1.

Nostalgia Revisited: Exploring the Vibrant Tapestry of 80s Culture in the US

The 1980s in the United States was an era that left an indelible mark on both the nation’s history and its culture. A time characterized by iconic music, fashion trends, groundbreaking technological advancements, and a distinctive socio-political landscape, the 80s continue to captivate the imagination of people worldwide. In this article, we will take a journey back in time to uncover the 80s culture that shaped an entire generation and continues to influence modern society.

  • Music: The Soundtrack of a Generation One cannot discuss 80s culture without delving into its music scene, which was an origin to an eclectic mix of genres that resonate to this day. The rise of pop icons like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince transformed the music industry. The birth of MTV brought music videos to the forefront, revolutionizing the way people consumed music. The synthesized sounds of new wave and the emergence of hip-hop and rap provided a diverse sonic landscape that reflected the changing times.


  • Fashion: Bold, Brash, and Unforgettable The 80s were synonymous with bold fashion choices that defied From power suits with padded shoulders to the vibrant and flamboyant styles inspired by pop stars, fashion became a form of self-expression. Neon colors, leg warmers, and parachute pants became symbols of the era. The punk and glam rock movements also had a significant impact, influencing both streetwear and high fashion with their rebellious spirit.


  • Technological Marvels: Enter the Digital Age The 1980s marked a pivotal moment in technological advancement, setting the stage for the digital age we know now. The personal computer revolution began with the introduction of the IBM PC and the Apple Macintosh, transforming the way people worked and communicated. The popularization of video games, with iconic consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), changed leisure activities forever. The rise of the Walkman and the VCR brought portable entertainment into everyday life.


  • Movies and Television: From Blockbusters to Cult Classics, The 80s cinema landscape was dominated by blockbuster films that continue to be beloved by audiences. The works of directors like Steven Spielberg and John Hughes became synonymous with the era. Films like „E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” „Back to the Future,” and „Ghostbusters” became cultural touchstones that defined the cinematic experience of the time. Television witnessed the rise of sitcoms like „The Cosby Show” and the sci-fi series „The Twilight Zone,” showcasing the diversity of content that captured the public’s imagination.

The 1980s impact on music, fashion, technology, and entertainment continues to shape our world today. Nostalgia for the 80s remains alive as new generations discover the charm and excitement of a decade that redefined creativity, innovation, and self-expression. By exploring the rich tapestry of 80s culture, we gain a deeper understanding of the forces that shaped modern America and continue to influence global culture.



Przeczytaj poniższe stwierdzenia na podstawie artykułu i wybierz, czy są prawdziwe (true) czy fałszywe (false). Jeśli są fałszywe popraw je na zdanie prawdziwe.


1. The 1980s was a forgettable era in US history and culture.
2. Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince were pop icons of the 80s.
3. The music videos were not popular in the 80s.
4. The fashion in the 80s was conservative and conventional.
5. Neon colors, leg warmers, and parachute pants were symbols of the 80s fashion.
6. The personal computer revolution began in the 1990s.
7. The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was not popular in the 80s.
8. The 80s cinema landscape was dominated by indie films.
9. The Cosby Show was a popular sitcom in the 80s.
10. The 80s had no impact on modern America and global culture.


Ghostbuster Scene | Stranger Things 2


(Chapter Two: „Trick or Treat, Freak” (Season 2, Episode 2, Stranger Things)

„Ghosbusters” to film z 1984 roku, który zdobył ogromną popularność dzięki unikalnemu połączeniu komedii, paranormalnych elementów i widowiskowych efektów specjalnych. Nie zabrakło jego wątku w serialu, przyjrzyjmy się tej scenie.


Who ya gonna call?! …when you’re the only one who wore your Halloween costume to school. Watch as Will, Mike, Lucas and Dustin realize they’re the only ones who dressed up in Stranger Things Season 2.

Key words and phrases from the scene:

  • Wait, hold up the proton blaster.
  • Yeah! Who you gonna call?
  • Oh! Adorable, baby. Just adorable.
  • Bonnie, you are such a nerd.
  • No wonder you only hang out with boys.
  • Why are you Venkman? Because I’m Venkman. No, I’m Venkman. Why can’t there just be two Venkmans? Because there’s only one Venkman in real life.
  • We planned this months ago.
  • I specifically didn’t agree to Winston.
  • What’s wrong with Winston? He joined the team super late. He’s not funny, and he’s not even a scientist.
  • Guys? Guys! Guys! Why is no one else wearing costumes?
  • When do people make these decisions? Everyone dressed up last year.
  • It’s a conspiracy, I’m telling you. Be cool.
  • Who are you gonna call? The nerds!
  • We gotta do this? Not right now. We look like
  • Maybe she likes Ghostbusters. Of course, she likes Ghostbusters, but that’s not the point. The point is, we’re dressed up and she isn’t.
  • But I didn’t bring regular clothes, did you? No. Then we have no choice. We gotta do this. Now or never. Right. Let’s engage.




Odpowiedz na pytania związane z filmikiem:


  1. What is the protagonist holding at the beginning of the video?
    a) A light
    b) A proton blaster
    c) A pearl
    d) A costume

    2. Who says „Who you gonna call?” in the video?
    a) The protagonist
    b) Erica
    c) Winston
    d) Venkman

    3. What is the protagonist’s reaction to the costume?
    a) They love it
    b) They hate it
    c) They are indifferent
    d) They are scared

    4. Who is dressed as Egon in the video?
    a) The protagonist
    b) Dustin
    c) Venkman
    d) Winston

    5. Why does the protagonist not want to be Winston?
    a) He’s not funny
    b) He’s not a scientist
    c) He joined the team late
    d) All of the above

    6. Why does the protagonist say „be cool”?
    a) To calm down his friends
    b) To impress a girl
    c) To avoid getting in trouble
    d) To mock his friends

    7. Who does the protagonist suggest they call?
    a) The nerds
    b) The Ghostbusters
    c) The police
    d) The principal

    8. Why do the friends decide to engage with the girl?
    a) Because they want to impress her
    b) Because they have no choice
    c) Because they are bored
    d) Because they want to make fun of her

    9. What is the protagonist’s concern about the group’s costumes?
    a) They look ridiculous
    b) They are too expensive
    c) They are not accurate enough
    d) No one else is wearing costumes

    10. When do the friends plan to ask the girl about her thoughts on Ghostbusters?
    a) During class
    b) After class
    c) During lunch
    d) After school


Mike trying to tell eleven that he LOVES HER 


(Season 3, Episode 7, Stranger Things)


In this episode, with time running out -and an assassin close behind -Hopper’s crew races back to Hawkins, where El and the kids are preparing for war. The scene shows the moment at the store where Mike tried to confess his feelings towards Elle, but they were interrupted by the voice in the radio.

Mike: Does that hurt?

Eleven: Not bad.

Mike: You’re gonna have an awesome scar. You’ll look even more badass.

Eleven: Bitchin’.

Mike: Yeah, bitchin’.

Mike: Elle.

Eleven: Yeah?

Mike: I’ve been meaning to tell you something. It’s just, being broken up, it’s been hard. And I like that you and Max are friends now. It’s just, I was jealous at first, and angry, and that’s why I said all that stupid stuff. And it’s like, I wanted you all to myself. And now I realize how unfair that is, and selfish, and like, I’m sorry.

Mike: I just like, I’ve never felt like this, you know, with anyone before. And, you know, they do say it makes you crazy.

Eleven: What makes you crazy?

Mike: You never heard that term? You know, like the phrase, like, makes you crazy, like the word.

Eleven: Girlfriends?

Mike: No, no, no, not girlfriends.

Eleven: Boyfriends?

Mike: No, no, no, not boyfriends either. It’s like a feeling, yeah, like something, like old people say to each other sometimes.

Eleven: Old people?

Mike: And yet, what I want to say is that I just, I know that I…

Radio: It’s an instant copy. It’s a copy, and it’s a code red.



Przeczytaj wpis na blogu o tym jak wyznać nasze uczucia:


Expressing love can be daunting, but rewarding. The best way depends on personality and the person you love.

One term used by old people is „darling”, a term of endearment that shows affection. Another phrase is „I love you”. It’s simple yet powerful. If nervous, start with „I’ve been meaning to tell you something”. This gives time to gather your thoughts.

Communicate jealousy calmly such as „I feel jealous when you spend time with other people because I wanted you all to myself”. Love makes you crazy, but avoid saying hurtful things. Communication is key in any relationship.

In conclusion, express love with terms of endearment, phrases like „I love you” and honesty. Communicate emotions calmly and respectfully. Love requires patience, understanding, and open communication.

Uzupełnij luki w tekście na podstawie konwersacji z filmiku oraz przeczytanego wpisu:

  1. The thought of climbing a mountain can be _____(daunt).
  2. Learning a new language is _____(reward).
  3. This _____(terminology) I am taking a course in biology.
  4. „To be or not to be” is a famous _____(phrasing) from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
  5. Let’s _____(gathering) all the necessary information before making a decision.
  6. Surfing on a sunny day is _____(bitchy)’.
  7. They say _____(lovesickness), but it also brings happiness.
  8. _____ (break up) with someone you love can be painful.
  9. She is a _____(bad-assery) athlete who never gives up.
  10. He became _____(jealousy) when he saw his ex-girlfriend with another guy.
  11. His _____(hurtfulness) words made her cry.
  12. It’s important to _____(expression) your feelings and thoughts.
  13. „Honey” is an _____(endearing) often used between couples.




(S3.E2 “Material Girl”, Stranger Things)


Max takes Eleven for a stroll at the mall and they enter through a montage of shopping, while Mike tries to find a present for Eleven. Along with it, we have Madonna’s hit „Material girl” playing!

Obejrzyj NAGRANIE  i zobacz modową przemianę Elle do jednej z najbardziej kultowych piosenek lat 80: Madonna „Material Girl”.


Odpowiedz na kilka pytań związanych z filmikiem:

  1. Who is speaking in the video and what is their reaction to the price of the teddy bear?
  2. Can you think of a time when you felt frustrated with the cost of something? How did you handle it?
  3. What do you think the setting of the scene is based on the dialogue and music?


Nauka angielskiego przy wykorzystaniu serialu „Stranger Things” może okazać się nie tylko skuteczną, ale także przyjemną metodą doskonalenia języka. Serial oferuje ciekawą fabułę, fascynujące postaci, ale także mnóstwo materiału do nauki, takiego jak autentyczne dialogi, różnorodne akcenty oraz slang z lat 80. Dzięki regularnemu oglądaniu i słuchaniu odcinków, można poszerzyć swoje słownictwo. Pamiętaj jednak, że nauka języka wymaga zaangażowania i systematyczności. Oglądanie serialu to jedynie uzupełnienie standardowych metod nauki. Warto również korzystać z dostępnych materiałów edukacyjnych, takich jak napisy do odcinków czy opracowania online, które mogą pomóc w zrozumieniu trudniejszych fragmentów. Im bardziej zaangażujesz się w oglądanie serialu i analizowanie dialogów, tym większe korzyści przyniesie ta metoda. Niech fascynujący świat Hawkins i tajemnice otaczające bohaterów staną się jednocześnie Twoją ścieżką do lepszego opanowania języka angielskiego.

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