Get Your Hair and English Skills in Shape: Conversing with Your Hairdresser

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Nauka języka angielskiego jest ważna nie tylko w kontekście komunikacji w pracy czy podczas podróży zagranicznych, ale również w codziennych sytuacjach, takich jak wizyty w salonie fryzjerskim. Wizyta w salonie fryzjerskim to jedna z sytuacji, w których znajomość języka angielskiego może być kluczowa, aby wyrazić swoje potrzeby i oczekiwania dotyczące strzyżenia lub koloryzacji włosów. W dzisiejszym artykule omówimy kilka przydatnych zwrotów i wyrażeń, które pomogą Ci w komunikacji z fryzjerem i w uzyskaniu wymarzonej fryzury.



Wysłuchaj NAGRANIA rozmowy między fryzjerem a klientką salonu fryzjerskiego.


Hairstylist: Good afternoon, welcome to our salon. What can I do for you today?                                                                                                                              

Client: Hi, I’d like to get a haircut and a blowout.                                             

Hairstylist: Of course. What length are you thinking of for your haircut?

Client: I’d like to keep the length, but I just want to add some layers for volume.                                            

Hairstylist: Great, I think that would suit you. And what about the blowout? Do you want it straight or with some curls?

Client: Can we do some loose waves, please?

Hairstylist: Absolutely. Do you have any particular style or inspiration in mind?

Client: I was thinking of something chic and modern, like a textured lob.

Hairstylist: That’s a great choice. And what about the color? Do you want to keep it the same or do you want to add some highlights?

Client: I’d like to add some subtle highlights, maybe some caramel tones.

Hairstylist: Excellent choice. Is there anything else you’d like to add or ask before we get started?

Client: Actually, can you recommend any products to maintain the color and style?

Hairstylist: Absolutely. I can recommend a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, as well as a styling cream to keep your waves in place.

Client: Perfect, thank you.

Hairstylist: My pleasure. Let’s get started, and we’ll make sure you leave the salon feeling beautiful and refreshed.



Uzupełnij luki słownictwem z rozmowy.


  1. I’m considering getting a …. soon, as my hair has grown quite long and needs a trim.
  2. For my sister’s wedding, I decided to get a …. to add some volume and make my hair look extra polished.
  3. If you want to …. of your hair, but still add some volume, you could try …. cut in.
  4. When getting a haircut, it’s important to choose a style that …. you and your face shape.
  5. I prefer to wear my hair …., but sometimes I like to add some …. for a more casual look.
  6. To make my hair look more …. and edgy, I added some …. in a ….
  7. I love the look of a …. as it adds dimension and movement to my hair.
  8. If you’re looking for a …. change, you could try adding some caramel tones to your hair for a warm, natural look.
  9. To …. the color of my hair, I always use a …. and ….
  10. I like to use a …. to add some texture and hold to my hair, especially when I’m wearing it in curls or waves.



Przeczytaj artykuł o najmodniejszych rodzajach fryzur dla kobiet na 2023r. Wysłuchaj NAGRANIE. 


As we head into 2023, many people are looking for fresh new hairstyles to update their look. The upcoming year brings with it a range of exciting trends that cater to different lengths and textures of hair. Here are some of the trendiest hairstyles that are expected to take center stage in 2023:

  • The Choppy Bob: The choppy bob is a modern take on the classic bob cut. This look features textured layers and choppy ends, which give the hair a playful, edgy look. The choppy bob works best on fine to medium hair, and it’s a great option for those who want to add some volume and movement to their hair.
  • The Blunt Cut: The blunt cut is a bold and sophisticated look that involves cutting the hair to one length, creating a sharp, geometric shape. This style works best on thick, straight hair and it’s perfect for those who want a low-maintenance, polished look.
  • The Shaggy Layers: The shaggy layers style is all about creating a carefree, lived-in look. This style involves adding choppy, textured layers to the hair, creating a relaxed, bohemian vibe. Shaggy layers work well on all hair types, and they’re perfect for those who want a natural look.
  • The Long Pixie Cut: The long pixie cut is a chic and modern look that’s perfect for those who want to embrace their short hair. This style features a longer, more feminine version of the classic pixie cut, with longer layers and side-swept bangs. The long pixie cut works best on those with fine to medium hair.
  • The Braided Ponytail: The braided ponytail is a fun and flirty look that’s perfect for any occasion. This style involves braiding the hair from the front and pulling it back into a ponytail, creating a stylish and practical look. The braided ponytail works well on all hair types, and it’s perfect for those who want to achieve a simple, yet chic look.

2023 brings a range of exciting and trendy hairstyles, whether you’re looking for a modern twist on a classic bob cut or a carefree, bohemian look, there’s a hairstyle out there to suit your needs. Consult with your hairstylist to see which style would work best for you, and embrace the new year with a fresh, new look.



Dopasuj słowa do definicji:


1.      Choppy bob  

a. A hairstyle where the hair is cut straight across at the ends

2.     Blunt cut  

b. Hair that has a thin or delicate texture

3.    Shaggy layers

c. To provide a service or product that satisfies a customer’s needs or desires

4.    Long pixie cut

d. to accept or adopt a new idea or attitude

5.    Braided ponytail

e. A layered hairstyle with uneven lengths that create a messy, textured look

6.    Fine hair

f. A hairstyle where the hair is braided and tied into a ponytail

7.     Low-maintenance

g. Bangs that are swept to one side of the face

8.    Polished look 

h. A short hairstyle with layers cut in a choppy, uneven style

9.    Cater

i. A well-groomed and sophisticated appearance

10.  Embrace

j. A longer version of a pixie cut with longer layers

11.    Side-swept bangs

k. A hairstyle that is practical and functional, rather than fashionable or trendy

12.   Practical look

l. A hairstyle that requires little time and effort to maintain



Wysłuchaj NAGRANIA rozmowy dwójki przyjaciół na temat bad hair day:


Kate: Hey, what’s up? You look bizarre.

Susan: Ugh, I’m having a terrible hair day. My hair won’t behave however I want it to.

Kate: Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. What happened?

Susan: I don’t even know. I washed it last night and tried to style it this morning, but it just looks frizzy and flat.

Kate: Yeah, I’ve been there before. It’s an unbearable feeling. Did you try any hair products?

Susan: Yeah, I tried using some hairspray and a dry shampoo, but it just made it worse.

Kate: Hmm, maybe you need to try a different approach. Have you ever tried using a hair oil or serum?

Susan: No, I haven’t. Do you think that would help?

Kate: It might. Sometimes hair can get dry and damaged, and a good hair oil or serum can help smooth and add shine.

Susan: Okay, I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

Kate: No problem. And hey, don’t worry too much about it. We’ve all had bad hair days. Just rock it and own it.

Susan: Thanks, I’ll try. Maybe I’ll just wear a hat today.

Kate: Hats can also make for a charming accessory. You’ll still look great.

Susan: Thanks for being a good friend and cheering me up.

Kate: Anytime. Let’s go get some coffee and don’t stress about bad hair days.



Przeczytaj wpis z pamiętnika Emmy i odpowiedz na pytania:


I woke up this morning with a bad hair day. My hair was a mess, and no matter how much I tried to style it, it just wouldn’t cooperate. I had an important meeting to attend, and I knew I couldn’t go looking like this. I tried brushing it, combing it, using hair gel, and even a hair straightener, but nothing worked. I was running out of time, and I was getting more and more frustrated. Finally, I decided to put on a hat and hope for the best. When I arrived at the meeting, I saw that everyone was well-dressed and perfectly groomed. I felt embarrassed and self-conscious about my hair, and I couldn’t focus on the meeting.


  1. What was the problem that the author faced in the morning?
  2. What did the author try to do to fix the problem?
  3. Was the author successful in fixing the problem?
  4. Why or why not? How did the author feel when they arrived at the meeting?
  5. What do you think the author could have done differently to avoid this situation?


Znajomość różnych narzędzi fryzjerskich jak i rodzajów fryzur może ułatwić porozumienie z fryzjerem i zapobiec katastrofie na naszej głowie. Jednak ważne jest, aby nie bać się zapytać fryzjera, jeśli nie rozumiemy czegoś lub potrzebujemy dodatkowej pomocy. To również dobra okazja do ćwiczenia języka i poprawy umiejętności komunikacji. W końcu, wizyta w salonie fryzjerskim powinna być relaksującym i przyjemnym doświadczeniem, a język nie powinien być przeszkodą w osiągnięciu tego celu.

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