Creativity at work

Każdy z nas doświadcza problemów ze skupieniem w pracy. Dzieje się tak w szczególności, gdy ilość zadań do wykonania nas przytłacza. Nasza kreatywność stopniowo się ulatnia, aż w końcu nie pozostaje nam nic, tylko pusta głowa i stos kartek do opracowania. W tym artykule dowiesz się jak poprawić swoją kreatywność w pracy oraz co zrobić, żeby nie zabrakło Ci jej na co dzień. To ty panujesz nad swoją głową i myślami, a za pomocą kilku łatwych wskazówek, z pewnością uwolnisz swój ogromny potencjał. Are you ready to become more creative? Let’s go!


Zacznijmy od sposobów na uwolnienie kreatywności w środowisku pracy.
Posłuchaj NAGRANIA rozmowy pomiędzy uczestnikami spotkania na temat sposobów polepszenia kreatywności w ich firmie






Uzupełnij luki brakującymi wyrazami


Chairperson: Good morning, everyone, today’s meeting topic is: how we can increase creativity in the office. We need to ……new solutions and ways ……  a more innovative and …… work environment. Let’s start by discussing the current challenges and ….. we face when it comes to creativity in the workplace.

Employee 1: I think one of the biggest challenges is the pressure ……. to established processes and procedures. It can be difficult …….. and come up with new ideas when there’s a focus ……….. . 

Employee 2: I agree. And I also think that there’s a lack of opportunities to share their ideas and thoughts. There need to be more platforms for us to …….. our work and receive …….. .

Employee 3: Another challenge is the lack of time and resources. With tight deadlines and a ………, it can be difficult to ………. and resources toward exploring new ideas and perspectives.

Chairperson: Those are all excellent points. So, what can we do to …….. these challenges?

Employee 1: I think one solution is to ……… to develop their creative skills. This could include workshops, training sessions, or even encouraging people ……. creative interests outside of work.

Employee 2: Another idea is to create a more collaborative and supportive work environment. Encouraging others to work together on projects and share their ideas can …… a culture of creativity and innovation.

Employee 3: I also think that there need to be more opportunities to work on more …….. projects, which can help increase our sense of investment in the projects.

Chairperson: Great, it seems like we have a lot of good ideas to work with. Let’s take some time to discuss these further and …….. which actions we can take to increase creativity in the office. Thank you for your ……… .



Skoro poznałeś już sposoby na polepszenie kreatywności w środowisku pracy, przejdźmy do tego jak zwiększyć twoją kreatywność poza nią.

Posłuchaj NAGRANIA rozmowy pomiędzy coachem motywacyjnym a osobą, która zgłosiła się do niego o porady na temat kreatywności. Przejdź do EXERCISE 2 i uzupełnij luki.




Coach: Hello, what can I help you with today?

Person: Hi, I was hoping to get some tips on how to be more creative. Recently, I felt overwhelmed with my assignments at work, and I feel like it is high time to do something about that issue.

Coach: Of course! I can help you by giving you some ideas. Being creative is a valuable skill that can help you in many aspects of life. Here are some tips that might help:

Firstly, keep an open mind. When you’re open-minded, you’re more likely to consider a wider range of possibilities, which can lead to more innovative and groundbreaking thinking. Additionally, having an open mind helps you to be more receptive to new information and stimuli, which can spark new insights and ideas.

Another thing is, to be willing to explore new concepts and perspectives and don’t be afraid to take risks. Creativity often involves thinking outside the box and coming up with new solutions to problems, which requires you to be open to new ways of thinking and not be afraid of trying something that may not have been done before.

What’s more, you should try to surround yourself with creative people. You can learn from their approaches and perspectives, and incorporate these into your creative process. Being part of a creative community can provide you with support and encouragement as well as feedback, which is necessary for you to grow.

You can also keep a journal. Writing down your thoughts and ideas can help you clarify and build on them.

And last but not least, take breaks and step away from your work. Sometimes a change of scenery or a different activity can lead to fresh ideas.

Person: That’s great, thanks!

Coach: No problem, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Uzupełnij luki w zdaniach z użyciem słownictwa zaznaczonego na zielono w transkrypcje powyżej

  1. Creativity often involves ….., breaking away from conventional ways of solving problems, and embracing new and original ideas.
  2. Having a ….. mindset towards new experiences is crucial for fostering creativity.
  3. A ….. can provide you with a fresh perspective.
  4. Creativity is a ….. asset that adds unique perspectives, inspires new ideas, and brings fresh solutions to complex problems.
  5. ….. yourself with creative people can help you expand your knowledge.
  6. Maintaining a ….. for your, thought, and inspirations can serve as a valuable tool.
  7. By exposing yourself to diverse experiences and perspectives, you can ….. new creative ideas.
  8. To fully tap into your creative potential, it’s important to …..
  9. Keeping an ….. can help you to look at things from a new perspective.
  10. Sometimes, you just need to ….. your work, go for a walk, and come back with a fresh mind.



Creative office space, czyli przestrzeń w biurze wyznaczona specjalnie, aby stymulować naszą kreatywność. Zainspiruj się tymi kilkoma wskazówkami i zmaksymalizuj swój potencjał.



  1. Create relax zones

Sometimes it is better to take a short break and completely zone out than sit in front of the screen staring at a blank page. Relax zones with hammocks, comfortable poufs, or quiet rooms could be a magnificent solution for the employees to take a break and refresh their minds.

  1. Make it bright and colorful

Nobody likes to sit in black-and-white surroundings. Try to add some color to the walls or objects around the office. You can also allow your co-workers to get creative and make their desks however they like.

  1. Reduce clutter and mess

A cluttered and messy environment can be overwhelming and make it difficult to think clearly. Whereas, having a clean and organized space can improve the mood and motivation of your employees, making them feel more confident and inspired.

  1. Make it easy to move things around

It allows employees to adapt to different projects, tasks, and working styles. Moving furniture and other objects creates a more ergonomic and functional space that is tailored to their needs.

  1. Hang a whiteboard for ideas

Sharing ideas is another way of making a more creative workplace. If you have a thought, just write it on the whiteboard and let the others help or build on your idea. Another benefit of that solution is that it makes employees valuable and that they have real input into their work.


Uzupełnij luki w artykule słówkiem w odpowiedniej formie


opportunity/ constitute/ to knock off/  to engage/ to endorse high/ vigor/  ease off/ to like/  to hassle/ to increase/ to recharge/  to be able to/ to shrink

Why Relax Zones are Important?

Relax zones are great to ….. stress. The modern workplace can be a ….. stressful environment, and employees often … find time to relax and ….. Relax zones ….. a space for employees to ….. from their work and lower stress levels.

When employees ….. relax and recharge, they are more …..  to return to work feeling ….. and motivated. This can result in ….. productivity and better performance.

Relax zones can provide ….. for employees ….. in physical activity, such as stretching or yoga. This can support their physical health, reduce the risk of injury, and increase energy levels.

A comfortable and relaxed work environment can contribute to overall well-being, ….. employees to feel more satisfied with their jobs and ….. the risk of burnout.


Mam nadzieję, że ten artykuł zainspiruję Cię do zmiany swojego otoczenia w pracy i uwolnieniu swojego potencjału. Kreatywność to wyjątkowo przydatna cecha i warto o nią zadbać.

Can you think about other ways to increase your creativity at work?

Daj znać w komentarzach 😊

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